Terms & Conditions


  1. The current prices are valid from March 2015 and are subject to change over time.
  2. After a reservation deposit is paid, the price quoted and agreed will not change.


  1. A booking fee/bond of $600 is payable within seven (7) days of making a booking, to ensure preferred dates of travel.
  2. The full hire fee is to be paid a minimum of one (1) week prior to arrival. Payment four (4) weeks prior to arrival for peak period and special event bookings is required. Non payment by this date will be considered a cancellation and the conditions detailed under the “Cancellations” section of these conditions of hire will apply.
  3. The bond is in addition to the hire charge and will be refunded less fuel and LP gas charges by direct debit or cheque, within 14 days of the boat being returned in good clean condition. Any first aid items, lost items, damage, or additional cleaning charges will be deducted from the bond.
  4. A description of your group (including number of males and females, and the average age of the people in your group) should be discussed with the owners during booking.
  5. Single sex groups and groups, where some or all of the occupants on the boat are under the age of 30, may incur a higher security bond, to be determined by the proprietor.
  6. Any additional bond will be payable at the time of paying the hire fees.
  7. The hirer agrees, that should the security bond paid be insufficient to meet the costs of damaged caused, a further charge, substantiated by documentation, will need to be paid.
  8. In the unfortunate event of an accident resulting in an insurance claim the hirer is responsible to pay the insurance excess ($1000). An optional additional fee is available to cover this risk, at $100 for 7 day hire, $75 for 4 day hire, or $60 for 3 day hire.
  9. If the hirer agrees to an optional additional fee, it would be deducted from the bond refund.
  10. The hirer can decide prior to travel, or on arrival, if they agree to the additional fee as part of their hire agreement.


  1. The hirers are required to keep all houseboat travel within the designated area as advised by the proprietor. The designated area is along the Murray River, between Corowa and Mulwala, with the western boundary defined by Drain Lane.
  2. Houseboats are available for: • 3 night bookings departing Friday PM • 4 night bookings departing Monday PM • or 7 night bookings departing either Monday PM or Friday PM.
  3. The boat is available from 3PM on the first day of hire and must be vacated by 10AM on the final day of hire.
  4. Early arrivals may get access sooner subject to readiness of boat.
  5. Special requests for bookings outside these times will be considered but may result in additional fees.
  6. Prior to the hirer taking possession and departing the moorings, the hirer and all members of the group are required to read and sign the conditions of hire, and provide their full name, address and signature.
  7. No boat is permitted to leave the moorings, unless a member of staff has conducted a complete and thorough operational run through and instruction session covering both the ‘on boat’ and ‘on water’ rules.
  8. If arriving after 4pm please phone 0428 295 261 prior to arrival.
  9. All hirers must arrive at least two (2) hours prior to sunset to board the houseboat on the pre-arranged date.
  10. If any further guests arrive after dark, the boat will depart the wharf the following morning as arranged with the proprietor.
  11. The boat may only move during daylight hours within the designated area on the Murray River.
  12. If the group, as described when the houseboat booking was made (ie. number of males and females and the average age of the people in your group), differs from the group on arrival, the proprietors reserve the right to nominate an additional security bond to be paid or terminate the hire without reimbursement of hire fees.
  13. Occupants under 18 years of age require the signature of a parent or guardian.
  14. Sub-letting of the boat is not permitted.
  15. The houseboat must be returned in good clean condition or an extra cleaning charge will apply (to be determined by the proprietor). All rubbish to be removed by the hirer. Recycling bins will be provided at the wharf.
  16. Any damage to the houseboat or its equipment must be reported to us immediately at the conclusion of hire, so an assessment can be made and remedial action taken.
  17. Smoking is NOT permitted inside the houseboat. Cleaning of fish inside the houseboat is also prohibited. Extra cleaning charges will apply.
  18. No pets, firearms, motorbikes or chainsaws are allowed onboard the boat.
  19. In the unlikely event of unfavorable river conditions, or any unforeseen circumstances, causing danger to the river craft prior to departure, the proprietors reserve the right to re-arrange the booking. If not suitable a refund of the hire fee and the bond will be made. A booking fee of $100 will be deducted. Every effort will be made to give notice in advance if such circumstances arise.
  20. We cannot be held responsible if activities and/or events cannot be undertaken on the Murray River due to unforeseen circumstances.
  21. We agree to have the boat, motor and accessories in good working order. We will not be obliged to compensate the hirer for loss of time due to unforeseen mechanical problems during the hire period but do undertake to repair mechanical damage as soon as possible.
  22. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted power supply for medical devices. If an occupant has a medical device, such as a sleep apnea machine, you are advised to bring your own back up power supply for the device.
  23. Anyone who drives the boat must be over 18 years of age and must hold a full current car drivers license or boat license, and must not drive the houseboat whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.
  24. The number of people on the boat must not exceed the number of berths allowed for under the NSW Maritime Services Board regulations. A child over the age of 12 months is counted as one (1) person. A breach of this condition will see the hire terminated immediately and instant loss of monies, without exception.
  25. For safety reasons, we do not recommend young children onboard who cannot swim, with or without lifejackets. All ages of guests to be discussed with the proprietor before booking.
  26. Secure undercover parking is offered on the property however no responsibility will be taken for damage or loss from external circumstances. One (1) set of vehicle keys are to be left with the proprietor during length of houseboat hire.
  27. Upon signing the hirer’s agreement, the hirer(s) agree that the owner has issued clear instructions on the correct and safe handling of the vessel, location and use of lifesaving appliances, location of fire appliances and any limits of operation of the vessel.


  1. Cancellations prior to paying the hire fee will invoke a $200 cancellation fee.
  2. A refund of the balance of the bond paid will be made if the boat is able to be re-hired.
  3. If a cancellation is made after the hire fee has been paid a refund will only be made if the boat is rebooked for a similar period.
  4. Requests to transfer or reschedule bookings will be considered but not guaranteed.
  5. A cancellation fee of $200 applies to clauses 3 and 4 above.